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Give your business the tools it deserves to succeed with SPORK.
We get your frustration. You need your business to run smoothly, but your POS System just won’t do all that your business requires. You find yourself troubleshooting things on your own, customer service & technical support is not readily available when you need it. Do all the bells and whistles of your current POS System still falls short? Well, you spoke and we listened - SPORK is a better, easier to use, tailored to your business POS SYSTEM.


After years of development, testing and vetting by merchants just like you, we are bringing you a POS system that fullfills all your businesses needs. Manage inventory, tailor our system to your type, size, and industry with enterprise level reporting and so much more. 


SPORK POS comes with FEEPASS pre-installed, so you can process payments with or without FEEPASS, our customer assistance fee program. Stop paying fees to accept credit cards. Learn more 


SPORK is simple to use, but powerful enough to solve all your business needs.

SPORK POS System is the solution that you have been waiting for! Combining feature rich software with premium hardware, bringing you the ultimate POS, essential for managing any business. Our stylish and dependable hardware is designed to plug and play. Simply plug in your hardware and begin taking payments!


Customizable functionality at your fingertips. Create custom menus, navigate easily with the responsive touch-screen, set in–store pricing and process quickly to keep your lines moving. Notification icons right on the POS tell you when updates are available so your POS software is always up to date and you are on your A-Game.




Employee Scheduling, Virtual Office, Marketing, Real Time Analytics,
Menus, Payments, Order History, and Multi Location 


Inventory & Accounting Management System, Payment and Order History. 

Integration with Accounting Platforms.


Ecommerce, Online Ordering, & Mobile Orders, Loyalty Program, Gift Cards, and Discounts.

And So Much More...



SPORK POS is powered by PonyPay - A financial technology company founded on service. Our company
is based in Kentucky with partners across all 50 states.
Our goal is to help merchants not only do business more efficiently, but have the tools in place to grow their business and succeed. Our philosophy is simple - You Grow. We Grow.  
Learn more.


Our vision is simple. Create a POS System that solves all the issues we have seen all our clients have with other POS Systems, and provide the type of customer service we would like to have. Our team is based here in the U.S. and are available 24/7/365 to answer all your questions. A great POS System is only as great as the technical and customer support it provides. 


We have spent years developing the SPORK POS System , testing and vetting our system with merchants just like you. We pushed and pulled, went to different industries to make sure the system would do what it promises - One POS System for all businesses. And then we tested and vetted again. 



The power of SPORK analytics reports.

Take complete control with Cloud based intelligence that lets you monitor sales activity and run dynamic reporting – wherever you are, as it is happening. Your system automatically updates your reporting throughout your business day with real-time matrix. Relevant reporting on sales including tax exempt sales, voids, returns, discounts, and adjustments at one or more location.


Ecommerce & Online Ordering

Don’t limit your business potential. Begin selling online today and immediately increase revenues up to 700%. When people visit your website, you can easily convert them into regular clients and increase sales. Custom settings such as pick up times, delivery dates, specific locations, etc., make life easier for everyone involved. Pull from the same pool of inventory whether sales are made online or in person. Track customer purchases and reward programs on both the POS and online platforms.


SPORK gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your business with you, wherever you go! We want your business to flourish! Increase sales by accepting payments anywhere your customers are. So go ahead, grab your iPad, your card reader and get out there! Connect to 3G /4G and easily create orders and process payments.


Rest assured that all of your sales, inventory, and reports are backed up for you no matter where you take payments.


Access important customer information, view points earned, and redeem points all from your Point of Sale. The only thing that needs to be plugged in is your customers information.



SPORK platform supports your business needs with one register or many! Maximize efficiency and offer a better customer experience with tableside ordering.


Be confident when printing multiple tickets to selected printers. Receipts and prep-tickets are printed in the order in which they are received. Transfer tickets between employees. Open any ticket on any iPad POS to add items or quickly split tickets.

Multiple Menus

SPORK gives you the freedom to create, modify, and update menus in real-time. Drag and drop items from your inventory list, add modifiers, disable items from the menu that are out of stock, and quickly build multiple menus to fit your business type. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 8.13.48 AM.png

Managing Tips

Increase Your Revenue

Our POS interface has pre-set tip options right on the iPad, taking the guess work out of tipping. Now customers are more inclined to tip, with a simple tap of a button. Your staff will feel more appreciated and you will increase your revenue!

Made to Order

Owners can create customize tip settings – create specific tip amounts depending on your business type or use the default tip options that we already have available. Patrons also have the option of entering a custom tip amount or even doing it the old fashion way when signing their printed receipt.

Keep the Change

Settle Tip Feature allows your employees to quickly tap and enter tip amounts from printed receipts, view, settle any open tickets then calculate overall sales and breeze through end of shift checkout. Supervisors can view and edit all employee tip amounts at any time and the shift summary report shows exactly what is owed.

Order History & Returns

• Assign a customer’s name or phone number to their order – reordering made easy

• Reprint prep-tickets or customer receipts

• Create and view notes on returns and adjustments

• Search saved tickets by ticket or table number, customer name, or phone number

• Pull up failed transactions under ticket history

• Order History viewable by date, order type, tender type, customer name, customer email address, or ticket number

• Return Item or Ticket data easily displayed with grid or graph options

• Employee Accountability – view returns, voids, and discounts by employee

• Filter options allow you to view transaction length in browse history filter setting


Managing Time & Attendance

Easy for Your Employees

Employees easily clock in and out directly on the iPad with a unique Pin Number. View previous, past, and future schedules as well as hours worked when clocking in & out.

Scheduling Simplified for All

Staff to management communication system allows for direct messaging on the iPad and Virtual Office between you and your staff – no more lost sticky notes.

Practical for you

Relay important information with a newsflash. View a current log of hours worked, save time by copying previous schedules with the touch of a button, and copy one week’s schedule to the next. Make edits to employee’ts schedules, add shifts if they forget to clock in and out, and email schedules to employees or post a printed out schedule.

Virtual Office

A full web-based office backend for creating menus, employee management, hardware set-up, reporting, and more.
Sync with your iPad to view changes in real time.

Web-Graphic 2.png

Store Management


Set-up pricing, tax rates, and enable discounts per item or in bulk for one or more locations. In-Store price button allows you to create on the fly prices right on your iPad POS User.


Enable permissions and track employee hours or sales by the unique PIN numbers that are assigned to each individual employee.

Real Time

Make changes as necessary through your web management tool then sync your iPad to see changes in real-time.

Virtual Office

Stay in control of your business from anywhere with your Virtual Office. Create menus, manage employees, set up hardware, view reports, and
create customer loyalty programs and MUCH more.


View past, current, and future orders placed in any of your store locations. Know which items are best sellers, and where you could increase revenue.

Create and attach multiple tax codes to a single item. 


Our POS System is integrated with only the best EMV compliant equipment engineered to safeguard your customer’s data with the best security technology. Our card readers encrypt payment information at the point of sale to keep valuable information safe while processing and transferring the data for end-to-end payment protection.


SPORK fully manages and regularly installs security updates on its servers and all applications are verified with rigorous quality testing and review.


SPORK gives you peace of mind knowing that your customer’s data is secure and confident that you’re protected against data breaches.


We also adhere to Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to keep valuable information safe and never store data on your device.


Training and Support

A great POS system is only as good as the service and support you receive. Completely customizable and completely supported. You will be assigned a relationship manager to handle all your ongoing support  and we even come to you whenever you need it. 

Dedicated Support Specialists

Our tech team is happy to answer any of your customer & technical support questions.


Too busy to dial? Quickly search our database of commonly asked questions to find the answer your looking for!

Video Library

Not up for chatting? Kick back, pop some popcorn and watch any of our to-the point training videos for step-by-step instructions that will have you mastering our POS in no time.

Helping Hand

Need just a little more help? We can arrange that! We will send out our fully trained technicians located throughout the US.

There is so much more you can do with SPORK POS. Give us a call, or let’s meet to go over all the other features. Let’s talk today!
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